Developing Next Level Leaders at Growing Tech Company


We were engaged by the Chief People Officer of a large technology company to help develop the organization’s next level leaders – directors and above. Given how fast the company had been scaling, most teams were being led by first time leaders who had little experience and formal development.


The leaders were struggling to lead effectively and weren’t being mentored and trained by the senior leaders they were reporting to, as those senior executives were, in many cases, first time leaders themselves. The organization didn’t yet have formal leadership and development programs in place and lacked the subject matter expertise to train these next level leaders.


We were brought in to find a way to meaningfully increase the effectiveness of these leaders and do it in a way that was accelerated and minimized the amount of time invested. We began a coaching process where leaders of every functional team began intensive, bi-weekly coaching sessions. The work was designed to rapidly identify limiting beliefs and behaviors, shift to more effective mindsets, and practice new behaviors. Importantly, coordinated the coaching of their peers so that each member was working in a reciprocally reinforcing way. This allowed us to dramatically accelerate the pace and sustainability of change. We also created a peer coaching program where each leader was partnered with a peer to coach each other. This supported the deepening of relationship and provided an opportunity for these leaders to improve their own capacity to coach. Finally, we conducted regular meetings with the coach, leader, and HRBP to create support and accountability structures, and to maximize the time between formal coaching sessions. The results have been dramatic. Individual leadership assessment results have skyrocketed. In addition, retention has markedly increased, as leaders have found the coaching experience to be one of the most transformational experiences of their careers.

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