How can operationally and technically-oriented senior executives become authentic, inspirational leaders?

Technical competence alone won’t help teams find traction and inspiration in the face of continuous change. By focusing leadership development at the level of underlying beliefs and mindsets, leaders can learn to lead through intuition, act with courage, and build authentic, trust-based relationships.


Our client came to us because surveys indicated serious challenges with employee engagement and confidence in senior leadership. Top executives from across the organization achieved their success because they were brilliant, but not because they were good at inspiring brilliance.


These very successful and sophisticated executives were not open to or in need of “leadership training” or skills-based development. Rather, the client hired us to develop a custom process for them to thoughtfully engage leaders in a new kind of introspection.


Senior leaders began to explore their underlying beliefs and assumptions and, through inquiry, came to see where they were misreading situations and relying on outdated and often directive tactics. The Trium program was designed to connect with the values of the organization and to bring the strengths of the culture to life, so impact lasted well beyond the workshop. Many leaders reported breakthrough insights that had lasting personal and professional impact. Most importantly, executives got clear on their genuine leadership intentions and learned how to inspire true emotional engagement from their teams. Ultimately, the program went on for over seven years and touched over 500 leaders.

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