Transforming a Senior Team of a Scaling Technology Company


A well-known technology company was scaling rapidly. The team was led by its founder and consisted mostly of talented, but first time, leaders. Although extremely well-intentioned, the team was not functioning well together. They were not engaging in direct, honest dialogue and the overall level of trust between members of the team was low. The senior leaders were misaligned on critical strategic and operational issues, and they were moving too slowly on critical decisions.


Morale throughout the organization was suffering. Employees had low confidence in the leadership team and they were unclear about where the company was headed and how it was going to be successful. Attrition was rising and the board of the company began expressing serious concerns.


Our work began with a comprehensive diagnostic where we were able to provide the Board, the CEO founder, and the leadership team with a set of objective findings that created an imperative to take action. We then conducted a series of offsites where team members were able to be direct and honest with each other in a way that transformed their relationships with each other and their belief about what was possible. Individuals also made specific commitments and held each other accountable to those commitments through new structures that were put in place. In parallel, we began an intensive team coaching process where each member of the team received one on one coaching and the team came together each quarter to share the focus of the individual coaching and take stock of progress against team objectives. The results were dramatic. Within months of our work, both qualitative and quantitative measures of individual and team effectiveness began to soar. This translated into results more broadly. Employee confidence and engagement scores shot up. Employees reported a renewed sense of enthusiasm and confidence in the future of the company and the effectiveness of the leadership team. We are currently in an ongoing, multi-year coaching relationship with this team and our proud that we have played a part in the organization’s incredible success – continued product and geographic expansion, significant revenue and profitability growth, attraction and retention of great talent, and a successful liquidity event.

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