Catching Up with Reality

user Andrew Blum

One of the great challenges that all human beings face is aligning their behavior with reality. This has played out dramatically over the course of history and, in particular, this past year. Reality is evolving in new and dramatic ways, resulting in a lot of uncertainty.

When the pandemic began, many of us struggled with the level of uncertainty and were slow to adjust. As the data began to show us that the pandemic would not end quickly, those who moved aggressively benefited greatly from their decisive actions.

I believe we are now at a similar inflection point but in the opposite direction. The data is showing us that the world is reopening quickly and at an increasingly robust level, however, many of us are still plagued by uncertainty. Will the variants negate the progress from vaccines? Will the global economy recover quickly or will there be more fits and starts? How should we evolve our working practices and when?

This uncertainty is natural and, at Trium, we believe now is the time to make your best guess with conviction and act out of it so that your behavior doesn’t lag reality. We are more likely to thrive if we take decisive action to prepare for a future reality that seems to be one of new, and perhaps unprecedented, growth.

While the world may never return to what it was before the pandemic (nor should it), my personal leadership stand is one of unbridled optimism. I want my actions to be just ahead of the emerging reality, not behind it. Now is the time to move fast and move big.

Get your sails up and be ready to catch the wind.


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Catching Up with Reality

One of the great challenges that all human beings face is aligning their behavior with reality. This has…