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A good strategy does not execute itself; it needs effective leaders. It requires that those leaders are clear, aligned, and performing at their best, which does not just happen naturally. Much like elite athletes and performers, high performance requires disciplined focus and mastery. We have found that the most effective leaders and teams get coached. And they get coached by elite coaches.

At Trium, we have a unique coaching methodology that combines insights from systems thinking, neuroscience, psychology, and high-performance training. Our coaches are PhDs, psychologists, experienced executives, and seasoned management consultants. They understand how human beings behave, how human systems work, and how businesses operate. This combination of unique methodology and elite coaches produces transformational results – leaders and teams that make vastly better decisions, faster.

Coaching Programs

Symmetrical Team Coaching

Traditionally, coaching has been focused on the evolution of individual leaders. We believe the optimal approach for improving leadership behavior in a team setting is through a process where all of the leaders in a system are simultaneously engaged in coaching efforts. We’ve found this approach let’s us focus a team on the behaviors that matter most to succeed against their strategy. It also creates a context for leaders to support each other consciously in a shared and reciprocal process of change. We call this approach Symmetrical Team Coaching.

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Senior executives are smart, driven, and successful. Coaching these leaders requires integrity, courage, and agility. We have a team of highly seasoned coaches, who have worked with some of the most successful CEOs and executives in the world and can speak powerfully and credibly with that audience. Our executive coaching involves a rigorous coach matching process so that coaching styles are aligned with the specific development needs of each leader.


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Leader Coaching

Often our clients call us because they need specific support for an individual leader. Sometimes this is a leader new to an organization, an emerging high-potential leader, or one who is struggling with the complexities and challenges of a bigger role. Whatever the case may be, we deploy an experienced coach who is well-suited to the situation and expert in helping that leader make rapid and progressive evolutions, all tied to the organization’s strategy and business objectives.


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Symmetrical Team Coaching

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Yvonne Wassenar
CEO, Airware

“We have coaches in Trium that help us as individual executives improve our leadership styles, adjust our engagement, and really help us create a foundation so that we can be better leaders and team members.” Watch Video

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