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In today’s highly complex and volatile world, a new way of leading is required. For years, leaders have been told that their role was to set clear strategy, lead from the top, and execute flawlessly with command and control. Today, leaders need to make quick decisions and agile shifts to stay competitive. Modern leaders need to be self-possessed, see themselves and the world differently, and increase their capacity to hold and address more complex, systemic, and interdependent dynamics. To us, leadership development is a craft, not just a process or program.

Use Cases

We don’t believe that development offerings should be off the shelf. While our leadership development work is highly customized, often clients come to us for support in these domains:



We work with C-teams, new teams, teams facing new challenges, and often cross-functional teams to help them develop together. Often, this is tied directly to consulting and coaching work so that performance breakthroughs are possible in months rather than years.


High-Potential Leaders

We build programs tailored toward senior leaders getting ready for their next stage of growth. These are the Directors and VPs who are clearly identified as future leaders of the organization. This is often focused on vertical development that helps them evolve their impact in new and dramatic ways.


Emerging Leaders

We support new leaders who are beginning to discover who they are as leaders. We equip them with tools and practices to accelerate their growth. Often this work is conducted as action-learning and involves programs which support development through direct work collaborating on critical strategic priorities.

Distinctions: How We’re Different


We regularly hear “We’ve done a lot of work like this but nothing took us as far, as fast, and as deep as our work with Trium.” We help leaders discover their own capabilities and build on those. We don’t think development should be built around deficits but more around understanding and awakening each leader’s superpowers.


We see development as a critical component of improving your strategy execution capabilities. Together, we must answer the question: “how will investing in our leaders improve the health of our business?” Very often, our development work is tightly linked to major change efforts or significant organizational evolutions, whether they be culturally or strategically focused.


Our leadership programs address not only a leader’s knowledge, skills, and competencies, they also advance a leader’s ability to make unconscious mindsets conscious in service of unlocking new potential. We focus on helping leaders move through their own development journey so that they become more aware, reflective, and mature, and therefore better able to manage themselves and the teams they lead.

Coddy Johnson
President & COO, Activision Blizzard

“I think what‘s magical about it is, we just had this Trium offsite and the number one comment from people leaving was, 'I felt like I got something I can have for the rest of my life.' Then number two comment was, 'I can see how I can take those skills and now apply them to what I‘m trying to do in work.'” Watch Video

Related Services

We have a variety of offerings related to leadership development, in addition to our customized leadership development programs. Sometimes these are integrated with other consulting, development, and coaching work, and other times these are distinct projects.

In times of change, it’s essential for large groups to come together. We have experience with large-scale summits like top 100 leader meetings or whole organization offsites. We design and deliver uniquely impactful meetings that include inspiring speakers, powerful interactive experiences, business simulations, and deep dialogues that promote engagement and collaborative problem-solving.
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Trium has led C-level offsites with numerous fortune 50 companies. We also have deep experience working with functional leadership teams. We have unique depth and competency helping design and manage these offsites so they lead to true alignment. We bring specific capabilities in strategic counsel, meeting design, and expert facilitation so that people connect to each other and to their shared business goals.
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Participants remember our keynotes 10+ years later, which demonstrates their power and enduring impact. Trium’s partners are thought leaders in the industry and give talks at conferences and company offsites about today’s business and leadership world. We deliver memorable, high-impact experiences with a potent combination of energy and learning covering relevant themes like Building High-Performing Cultures, Leadership Mindset, and Creating the Conditions for Successful Execution.
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Coaching is a powerful way of helping leaders and systems evolve. Our coaching solutions work in sync with leadership development efforts to address specific individual or group development challenges and to accelerate overall program application and effectiveness.
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