How Personal Purpose Led Me To Trium

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We are thrilled to welcome Joe Boggio to Trium as our newest Partner. Read below about what led him to join us…

I’m honored to be joining Trium as a Partner and I’d like to take the opportunity to share how the search for my own purpose led me here.

I have had a career that has brought me tremendous joy. For over two decades I’ve worked at the cutting edge of emerging technology, disruption, and large-scale corporate transformation. I had the opportunity to work at iconic firms like Microsoft, Oracle, and Capgemini, and to serve hundreds of clients. In helping clients navigate “disruption” and “digital transformation”, it became clear that firms were struggling to evolve as swiftly as they needed to. After working with hundreds of clients, I saw one issue that they all struggled with which was the leader’s mindset and capacity to lead in a time of transformation. For a firm to transform, the leadership must first transform. I became fascinated with the concept of transforming a leader’s mindset and how they show up to lead through transformation. I came to a quick conclusion that the best way for me to understand this was to start with myself and to seek help in my own transformation. I found a terrific coach and we started a multi-year journey that helped me to connect with how I would best serve.

As I began to connect with my own purpose, things began to shift for me in all areas of my life. I felt a deep sense of responsibility and a hunger to grow so that I may be of greater service to leaders who were struggling. I came to a point where I knew it was time to make a stand and make the changes in my life so that I could do this work professionally. I began seeking out like-minded leaders whose purpose and mastery aligned with mine. That search led me to Trium which has a mission that spoke to me: Change the world by changing the way business leaders think. As I met the leaders of Trium, it was clear to me that working with them was inevitable. They had the same deep sense of responsibility with decades of work on themselves and had been on the front lines wrestling with real transformation work with some of the most demanding business leaders in the world.

I am honored to have found my home and to join the Trium family. I hope we have an opportunity to work together.

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How Personal Purpose Led Me To Trium

We are thrilled to welcome Joe Boggio to Trium as our newest Partner. Read below about what led…


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