How to win in a post-pandemic future

user Doug Randall

Now that we are turning our collective gaze away from the immediate global crisis, it’s time to look into the future to set bold new strategies. The most ambitious business strategies come from imagining what the future could be and then designing winning strategies. I’ve leveraged my 25 years of scenario planning with organizations ranging from the CIA to Silicon Valley start-ups to develop four post-pandemic scenarios, recently published in VentureBeat.

Imagine it’s 2026 and one of these four scenarios comes true. How prepared is your company? How will you win? How will you lead?

Scenario 1: Corporate power

A booming winner-take-all economy fueled by a business-first playbook focused on economic prosperity and leading to further social inequity.

Scenario 2: Power to the people

Widespread distrust in governments and corporations creates pressure to rebuild consumer trust — with a focus on purpose, sustainability, connecting with the needs of affinity groups and a high level of individualization.

Scenario 3: Rolling pandemics

An extended recession leads to a slowing of innovation, fragmented industries, and a focus on cost savings and survival.

Scenario 4: Great transformations

Effective collaboration between governments and corporations on climate, inequality, cyber, and public health brings about high levels of disruption and transformation both in the scope of problems being addressed and how work gets done.

Scenario planning is the proven methodology for working backward from the uncertainty in the future to designing winning strategies today.

Please reach out to discuss scenarios, working backwards, and how you can take control of the future:

Read the full article on VentureBeat.

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