Newsletter | No Business Can Grow Faster Than its Leaders – July 2018

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Accelerate with Symmetrical Coaching

Drawing upon more than 20 years of work with the world’s most successful organizations, Trium has developed a breakthrough coaching approach addressing individual and system-wide growth for CEOs, Senior Leaders, and Teams.

Unlike traditional coaching which typically focuses on the individual,
Symmetrical Coaching tackles the entire system, targeting growth at the individual, team, and organizational level. We help solve your most critical business challenges to drive new levels of performance.

Learn more about the transformational impact we’ve had with our clients.

Trium’s Thought Leadership

Our clients depend upon us to bring fresh, innovative thinking and one way we fuel our thinking is through a commitment to our own personal and professional development. Another essential element is reading, a habit shared by most successful business people. Sharpening your skills can be as simple as updating your reading list, here are a few to invest in that we think will be worth it. Enjoy!

by Robert Sapolsky

Behave is a tour de force exploration of human behavior by acclaimed Stanford neurobiologist and primatologist Robert Sapolsky. The book explores the multitude of variables that shape who we are – genetics, culture, childhood, environment, and neuroscience – and wisely concludes that it is the combination of all these factors that drives why we behave the way we do. Any leader interested in understanding (and influencing) human behavior would do well to read this book.

Trium on the Move!

Trium Welcomes Will Harper

As a former consultant at Bain & Company and The Ready and startup COO, I’ve seen that the key driver of performance is human development. Individuals who commit to developing themselves, their relationships and their organization accelerate growth. Too often, I’ve seen organizations focus on what’s important – strategy and execution – while neglecting what’s essential: “who do we need to be to accomplish our goals?” I am excited to join Trium to help clients answer important strategic questions within the context of leading-edge support for their own and collective development.

Will holds an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and a BA in Economics from the University of the South.

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Newsletter | No Business Can Grow Faster Than its Leaders – July 2018

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