Trium was founded in 1998, at a time when old business models were being re-examined and radical questions around what it means to be a leader were emerging. We were inspired by the belief that consulting firms were uniquely positioned to shape the way business and therefore the world was evolving. We saw that traditional consulting firms failed to recognize that all strategy problems are leadership problems and vice versa.  That insight is at the core of our philosophy and consulting approach. We have served renowned industry leaders and scrappy startups in diverse industries across the globe. Though we’ve continued to learn and evolve over the past 20 years, our mission remains unaltered.


Meet the team

Our team is fluent in the languages of strategy, business performance, leadership, and interpersonal dynamics. We have worked extensively with large and small organizations – both as leaders, and as senior-level consultants brought in to rethink strategy, redesign structure, refocus process, and catalyze change. Our job is not to teach, but to create impact that is lasting and meaningful.