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Carl Eschenbach, President & COO, VMware

We are a management consultancy that helps clients solve their most complex strategic, operational, cultural and leadership challenges.

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Changing the World by Changing the Way Business Leaders Think.



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Our Philosophy

We believe the fundamental drivers of success and change lie in things that are hard to see and manage – things like trust, relationship and mindset. We approach our work through a systems-view that intentionally connects human dynamics to issues of strategy, organization and process.

What's Visible:
Vision, Strategy, and Metrics

In most situations, the “presenting problem” is centered on things that are visible and tangible – questions of vision, strategy, priorities, metrics and financial performance. Ultimately, our client partnerships lead to significant improvements in productivity and execution, but surface issues are just that – a place to start.

What's Murky:
Processes, Structures,
and Governance

Processes, structures and governance are the soft tissue that hold the organization together. Without clear roles, accountabilities and decision rights, execution is cumbersome and challenging. We help our clients figure out how their organizations need to evolve to fully unleash the energy of the system.

What's Hidden:
Culture, Relationships,
Trust and Mindsets

Culture and leadership mindsets – conscious or otherwise – are at the root of everything. Producing fundamentally different results and creating lasting change requires working deeply beneath the surface. Conscious leaders communicate with purpose and inspire accountability. When leaders think differently, anything is possible.

Our Work is Focused on Growth and Change

Client case studies tell the story.

The Full Story

Our client came to us because surveys indicated serious challenges with employee engagement and confidence in senior leadership. Top executives from across the organization achieved their success because they were brilliant, but not because they were good at inspiring brilliance.

These very successful and sophisticated executives were not open to or in need of “leadership training” or skills-based development. Rather, the client hired us because we were able to develop a custom process for them that thoughtfully engaged leaders in a new kind of introspection. Senior leaders began to explore their underlying beliefs and assumptions and, through inquiry, came to see where they were misreading situations and relying on outdated and often directive tactics.

The Trium program was designed to connect with the values of the organization and to bring the strengths of the culture to life, so impact lasted well beyond the workshop. Many leaders reported breakthrough insights that had lasting personal and professional impact. Most importantly, executives got clear on their genuine leadership intentions and learned how to inspire true emotional engagement from their teams. Ultimately, the program went on for over seven years and touched over 500 leaders.


The Full Story

Our client leads a large division within a Fortune 50 healthcare distributor. While pursuing a growth opportunity for the corporation, it was failing to deliver on its promises. Two fundamental strategic objectives were essential for manifesting a transformation: driving the operating performance of key business units and dramatically increasing the business footprint to compete with scale.

Trium was approached for support in achieving strategic re-alignment, elevating senior-level leadership and revitalizing the culture around excellence and collaboration. Trium also supported the integration of the executive team following a merger of equals by collaborating with leaders over an 18-month period in both the turnaround and post-merger integration process. This involved energizing the broader team around a shared 3-year vision and enrolling the team in inspiring cross-functional goals; translating strategy into action by defining specific 12-month priorities and milestones; establishing a culture that enabled operational excellence and collaborative execution; fostering relationships of increased trust and cooperation across the organization; building high-performing leadership teams on multiple levels; and facilitating turning point conversations about the future organizational model and leadership implications.

In partnership with the client, Trium helped build a solid foundation for market competitiveness and growth. Teams began executing with a stronger sense of purpose, greater strategic clarity and increased cross-functional commitment. This enabled pursuit and completion of a challenging merger-of-equals, resulting in accelerated time-to-performance and improved financial results. The senior leadership team is now on solid ground to successfully steer a larger, more scalable business.

The Full Story

Trium served a 25-member cross-functional Executive Board charged with setting and driving the strategy for the company’s multi-billion dollar Technology Services business. The company’s customer landscape in Services changed frequently, making the alignment of day-to-day decision-making challenging. In addition, there was unclear support for product and corporate priorities within the Services teams. Fear of missing opportunities led to reactive decision-making, often in a siloed, uncoordinated manner.

The client hired Trium to clarify and align the Services organization behind a 3-5 year vision and strategy to prioritize the investment areas for the coming fiscal year and to ensure aligned execution of priorities across diverse locations. Trium assessed that confronting such uncertain environments required having a clear view on how to serve customers in carefully selected future market scenarios. Framing and building-out the scenarios required significant iteration and buy-in, but in the end would build clarity and alignment, shorten response time and guide investment and resource prioritization decisions. Trium helped the client develop strategic plans for each of four critical market scenarios that accounted for the most important business uncertainties. Through interviews and a series of facilitated workshops, a globally and functionally diverse group of leaders articulated the following for each scenario: customer needs and requirements; client’s winning strategies; implications for go-to-market models and partner/competitor positioning; requirements for portfolio of offerings; and investments and innovations. They further named market signals that would indicate one scenario was emerging over another.

The highly collaborative process helped to build shared language for describing the Services strategy which, in turn, made large-scale alignment around a single playbook possible for the first time. Together, leaders created priorities and thoughtfully placed bets based on shared beliefs about near-term dominant customer needs. Importantly, this work created a foundation for ongoing strategic dialogues that would keep strategy execution clear, aligned and relevant as market dynamics evolved.

The Full Story

With over 30 jumbo airliners and a powerful consumer brand, our client expected to double their size in five years. The core challenge: balancing an entrepreneurial, informal culture with pressing demands for operational excellence, sophistication and efficiency. The executive team approached Trium for help with improving On-Time Departure Performance (OTP); theirs was among the worst at their main hub.

Knowing that neither rigid recommendations nor a canned change methodology would fly with this client’s culture, Trium designed an interactive process, casting a cross-functional leadership team with the job of driving change. Trium collaborated with the “change agent” team through a process of analysis, diagnosis, recommendation and implementation – elevating leadership mindsets, skills, tools and approaches along the way in order to create the foundation for an organization-wide transformation. Trium led a parallel breakthrough process in which roles were clarified, mindsets redirected and behaviors calibrated to support the change agent agenda.

During the first month of full implementation, OTP was the best it had been in years. Over a one-year period, OTP climbed by 30% to 40% and it continues to improve. Real cultural transformation took hold across the organization as it entered its third era. Teams and individuals assumed greater accountability, made decisions faster and streamlined operational execution. For their part, executives learned that change takes time and that long-term commitment is essential.

The Full Story

Our client disrupted the industry 10 years ago with cutting-edge technology that changed the way data travels through a network. With other players entering the space and customers asking for help with a wider range of problems, our client knew they had to evolve from a single to a multi-product company and expand into new areas. An Office of the President had been created to facilitate the evolution, but the President and his directs were not sure which changes were required to position the company for future growth and diversification. In addition, various members of the team had differing viewpoints on how the organization should evolve, creating uncertainty in the organization.

Trium knew the problem needed to be approached from several angles and started with an organizational diagnostic to understand the clarity of the strategy, how aligned the executive team was around which strategic path to pursue and how effective the leadership team was at reaching alignment on big bets. Trium custom-developed a way for the executives to have a holistic “where we play and how we win” strategy discussion through a set of well-framed dialogues. The dialogues allowed the executives to have dialogues at the right level of detail and to also see where their incoming perspectives had differed and how to align them much more quickly. While preparing for the strategy conversation, Trium also administered an in-depth 360 process for each member of the executive team, as it was clear that leading the company to create another marked disruption would require some new team and leadership behaviors. Our process allowed us to get very specific on what to change and how to do so.

Trium helped build an “outside-in” view of strategic options that enabled the client to make decisions about future growth based on customer needs. Through Trium’s engagement, the executive team got clearer on the set of winning plays they wanted to pursue, taking into account current organizational capabilities and ones that would be needed in order to grow. What started as significant misalignment around which direction to take ended up resulting in a prioritized plan for growth for the next 3-5 years. In addition, through the 360 process, executive team members – many of whom had been with the company for 10-15 years – awakened to their personal leadership opportunities and reconnected to why they were inspired to continue the journey.

The Full Story

Our client is a premier U.S. financial protection and wealth management organization overseeing $600 billion in assets. Embarking on an initiative to consolidate holdings, senior executives determined that “Leadership Excellence” (characterized by streamlined decision-making and appropriate risk-taking) was essential. However, an entrenched command and control culture had created a highly risk-averse environment, slowing decision-making and execution. Trium was asked to engineer and facilitate an organizational and behavioral change program that would align the client’s aspirational culture to their business goals. Such a program would help the client tackle these issues head on, while fostering an environment of innovation and empowerment.

Trium led 220 senior leaders through a program of two-day offsites, followed by a 45-60 day period of practice and application to reinforce key concepts and tools, including interactive dialogues and experiential activities centered around effective ways to: lead change amid uncertainty; build and motivate teams; empower others and foster trusting relationships; and develop the mindsets and behaviors required to build a high-performance culture.

The success of the “Results Through Leadership” program has been phenomenal. Participants consistently rate the program as “exceeding expectations” while generating the enthusiasm, commitment and ownership required for immediate change. Leaders cite significant efficiency, productivity and morale improvements. Following the program review, senior leaders decided to cascade the program to the next level of leadership. In addition, Trium developed an extensive follow-up program for phase one participants.

The Full Story

A high profile global leader in money management was planning the launch of a new line of exchange traded index funds for the retail investor market. A successful launch required establishing an organizational entity to deliver a new product outside of the traditional distribution channels, defining operating principles to meet the unique demands of the retail market, and integrating the business unit into an established organizational culture with brand and market presence. Most importantly, it required a cultural shift from consensus-based management, to an entrepreneurial and innovative mindset. Trium was approached to help the client accelerate time-to-execution through defining and aligning teams behind a shared mission and vision, a clear set of actionable operating principles, and the mindsets and behavioral shifts required to execute.

The initial diagnostic confirmed challenges inhibiting the new team from reaching its ultimate potential – challenges such as structural integration of a new business unit into the organization, limited trust and relationship between leaders, and a divergence between old-school and new-school company cultures. Trium’s approach included a multi-day process with 20 members of the new leadership team, followed by iterative working sessions with a larger group of next-level leaders. Together with the client, Trium clarified and aligned leaders behind a new organizational vision, and defined what is required of each individual to enable the high-performance culture that is vital to its success.

Despite challenging market conditions, the client has since launched 42 new products, dramatically exceeding revenue and market penetration projections. Most importantly, the leadership team continues to operate with high levels of trust and relationship, and a cultural foundation that will support their future.

The Full Story

Our client is one of the world’s largest technology companies, a member of the Fortune 500, and a leader in multiple consumer and enterprise product segments. During a growth phase, the client rationalized its acquisitions, built capabilities globally and implemented innovative systems to elevate the organization to a new level of sophistication. Success in this growth phase required that the company align processes and systems, build a platform for scalable growth and increase the ease of doing business for clients – all at a lower overall cost.

Trium engaged operations leaders in a process to identify short-term, high-impact opportunities which would reduce operational complexities and create greater accountability for results. Underlying this work, Trium helped to define and address the shifts required to align, equip, and mobilize executives to take coordinated action on their decisions. This offered new insights to internal analytics, enabling executives to reconfigure organizational capabilities and transform the organization at a lower overall cost. The organization delivered approximately $30M in cash savings and reduced the overall cost structure by $100M.

Sustainable results were achieved by driving commitment from senior executives to focus on four critical shifts in mindset and organizational practices: 1) from a focus on bookings to a focus on managing margin targets; 2) from a focus on the enterprise customer to a focus on capturing market opportunities in all customer segments; 3) from a focus on selling products to a focus on selling multi-product solutions; and 4) from a focus on corporate, business unit and sales organizations planning independently to a focus on achieving strategic interlock.

Our Mission Is To Change The World

By Changing The Way Business Leaders Think

Our clients are

the world’s change leaders

What’s it like to work with Trium?

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Yvonne Wassenaar,CIO, New Relic

"We have coaches in Trium that help us as individual executives improve our leadership styles, adjust our engagement, and really help us create a foundation so that we can be better leaders and team members..." Learn more at Trium Deeper.

Matt Fawcett,General Counsel, NetApp

"Trium has been really good at helping us get really clear and focused on ‘What does it mean to be the best team?’ … They’ve helped us from conceptualizing a big challenge to articulating the plan to actually get there." Learn more at Trium Deeper.

Carl Eschenbach,President, COO, VMware

"If we didn't engage with Trium, I don't know if we would have had the success we've had over the last three years ... They know their area of expertise and they do it better than anyone I've ever met in the last 25 years." Learn more at Trium Deeper.

Denise Haylor,CHRO, Flextronics

"We've seen some very, very tangible results from the work that we've done with Trium ... They don't come in with a bunch of PowerPoint slides, they listen and they learn, and they come back with appreciative and understanding solutions that are grounded in business, not in HR speak." Learn more at Trium Deeper.

Michele Jarrett,Sr. Dir., Operations, Cisco

"Trium is tenacious and passionate about execution, they are masters at propelling teams to a much more high performing space, they also pull in industry knowledge to shape the thinking behind the initiative ... I would recommend them to any organization." Learn more at Trium Deeper.

Nicolas Moreau,CEO, AXA France

"They don't do the work, they make you do the work ... It is a big advantage compared to other, bigger advisory firms that will send you armies of consultants. Here, you get coaches that are helping you and helping the group to define the strategy." Learn more at Trium Deeper.

Boutique by design.

Meet our team of seasoned consultants.

Amanda Silber Levitt

Amanda facilitates inter-disciplinary teams to reach a shared vison and tangible plans related to the development of products, processes and organizations. As a translator across disciplines, she applies a design thinking approach to a range of client needs - from role clarification to process design. Prior to consulting, Amanda spent a decade in the software industry at companies including Intuit Software and Broderbund Software (as Producer on the acclaimed Carmen Sandiego series). She brings a creative lens from her background in game design, education and theater. Amanda earned her MBA and MA in Education from Stanford University and her BA in English from Harvard.

Amy Zelezen

Amy believes that strong, visionary leadership is the key to driving sustainable organizational change, and that complex changes demand a thoughtful approach. Amy honed her ability to decipher and reconcile the needs of multiple stakeholders during her time as a retail buyer and subsequently as an organizational transformation consultant working on large-scale technological, cultural, and strategic initiatives. Amy holds an MBA from the Thunderbird School of Global Management, and a BA in Political Science, Economics, and Hispanic Studies from McGill University. She stays grounded through her connection to the outdoors - hiking, running, snowboarding, climbing, and kite surfing - and exploring the world, having lived, worked, or traveled in over 30 countries.

Andrew Blum

As CEO and Managing Partner of Trium, Andrew is a thought leader working at the intersection of strategy, leadership and culture to help change the world by changing the way business leaders think. With over 20 years of global consulting experience, Andrew has led breakthrough engagements at many of the world’s leading organizations. Prior to founding Trium, Andrew was a leader in Towers Perrin's Strategy and Organization Practice. He also served as a 1st lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps. Andrew holds an MBA from Georgetown University and a BA in philosophy from Reed College. He is a dedicated family man, Ironman triathlete and actively supports a variety of causes aimed at raising consciousness on the planet.  

See more from Andrew.

Andrew Scheffer

Andrew has the rare, and perhaps unique, distinction of being a former Buddhist monk and a Wharton MBA. He has logged more than 10,000 hours in mindfulness training and spent eight years training in monasteries and retreat centers around the world. Beyond that, he spent fifteen years working in private banking and wealth management at firms like Morgan Stanley, UBS, ANZ and Bank of Singapore. With this background, he is able to empower clients and colleagues with an approach to mindfulness that is deeply grounded in the reality of the business world. Andrew continues to develop his own mindfulness practice through periods of intensive silent retreat and through teaching at some of the world’s most innovative organizations.

Anna Zhi

Anna believes that creating long-term impact requires visionary leadership that is truly attuned and empathic to organizational and market needs. Prior to joining Trium, Anna worked in innovation strategy at Jump Associates, where she helped Fortune 500 companies design growth strategies informed by social science research, business strategy and design thinking. Before Jump, Anna worked at SYPartners, a change management consultancy known for its uniquely human-centered approach. This experience taught her to fuse systems-thinking and creativity to create meaningful and lasting change within organizations. Anna holds a BA in Economics and Political Science from the University of California, Berkeley.

Arika Verma

Arika is passionate about building thriving organizations that are characterized by high levels of trust, relationship and a learning orientation. Prior to joining Trium, Arika worked as part of Accenture's global strategy practice, where she advised companies on growth and innovation opportunities within the digital landscape. She holds a certificate in Design Thinking for Innovative Problem-Solving from the University of Virginia Darden School of Business. She also holds a BA in Economics and Informatics from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, which instilled in her a deep interest in human motivation, productivity and technology.

Averell McFerran

Averell is passionate about transforming organizations through their most important asset – their people. She believes that successful strategies are ones that address the underlying behaviors, mindsets and motivations of the leaders and teams executing against them. Before joining Trium, Averell worked in both sales strategy and investment consulting. She holds an MBA from the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University and graduated from Colby College with a degree in Psychology.

Barrie duBois

Barrie has deep expertise in designing and driving results-based organizational and human capital strategies with a specialization in organization design. She has over 20 years of experience assisting executives in Fortune 50 companies in realizing their organization’s potential through large-scale business transformation. Her clients have included Cisco, VMware, NetApp and MCI (now Verizon). Barrie has completed advanced studies in organization design and held board positions with the Organization Design Forum. She has a Masters degree in Social Work from Washington University where she pursued an interdisciplinary education in human behavior, systems thinking and social change. Barrie is a Court-Appointed Special Advocate for children in the foster care system.

BJ Wasserman

BJ specializes in optimizing behavior and performance, organizational effectiveness, and interpersonal relationships in the workplace while promoting harmony through an integrated approach to minimize the impact of negative behaviors. He has the ability to command respect and trust through status-positioned leadership and strong presence while conveying passion and genuine interest in inspiring others to grow. He is an experienced team-builder and group facilitator able to promote group support, constructive feedback, transformational group processes, and goal achievement aligned with company mission. BJ is a charismatic and engaging clinician and speaker, inspiring individuals to achieve greater authenticity, confidence, and integrity. He is an Organizational Development Consultant with a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology and Business/Accounting education.

Catherine Gray

Catherine specializes in creating compelling visions and clear strategies to guide teams. She has worked for more than 15 years assisting many Fortune 100 leaders with organizational and leadership development programs. Before joining as a Partner at Trium, Catherine worked in the field of communications with the Wall Street Journal, a television production company in Los Angeles and the first private media network in the former Soviet Union. Catherine has a particular interest in purpose-driven businesses and corporate social responsibility and for eight years she served as President of the Natural Step, a sustainability think tank and advisory services organization. Catherine holds a BA in journalism from Brown University.  

See more from Catherine.

Charlotte Kells

A trained Mediator / Facilitator / Coach, Charlotte works with individuals and teams to resolve conflict, problem solve core issues and build alignment during times of change. She spent 20 years with the Creative Problem Solving Institute in Buffalo, NY and has completed advanced courses with The Coaches Training Institute. Charlotte is certified in the Myers Briggs Type Indicator and other coaching tools. She holds a BS in Education and English from the University of Michigan and Master’s Degrees in both Education and Business from the University of Michigan and Lesley College.

Christina Coles

Christina is passionate about helping clients and colleagues to realize their full potential. Prior to joining Trium, she worked for a number of mission-driven organizations, where she leveraged her background in organizational behavior, strategy and marketing to raise funds and awareness for important social issues of our time. She has a BA in Psychology and Fine Arts and an MS in Human Behavior & Applied Psychology. Both degrees were earned from the University of Southern California. As part of her undergraduate program, Christina also spent a semester studying at the University College London.

Daniel Levitt

Daniel works with leaders to help them define their essential contribution and unique leadership voice and to build from that foundation by identifying and uprooting the entrenched mindsets that can compromise effectiveness. Daniel was an Engagement Manager for McKinsey & Company’s Business Technology Office and worked with a high-tech startup where he directed sales and marketing for the US launch of a patented biomedical instrument. In addition to a BS from the University of Miami and an MBA from Stanford University, Daniel was a National Science Foundation Fellow at Scripps Institution of Oceanography where he earned a PhD in Geophysics.

Darren Gold

Throughout his career, Darren has leveraged his understanding of and appreciation for the strategic importance of human capital and organizational development to build extraordinary organizations. Most recently, Darren was the CEO of two education companies, Heald College and Delta Career Education.  Earlier, he served as a partner in two San Francisco-based private equity firms, where he invested in and advised a number of companies across the education, business services/IT outsourcing, energy, building products and industrial manufacturing industries. Darren began his career as a consultant at McKinsey & Co., and as an attorney at Irell & Manella. He has a BA from UCLA and a JD from the University of Michigan.  

See more from Darren.

Diana Arsenian

Diana helps advance strategic thinking, reflection and achievement of change by way of graphic facilitation and strategic design. She uses images and words to capture information and ideas that emerge from meeting and conference participants, which in turn helps them to better see and understand their shared ideas, and to effectively collaborate in building from them. Before partnering with Trium, Diana honed her craft as Art Director and Senior Consultant with The Grove Consultants International and with San Francisco Business Magazine and Interaction Associates.

Dugal Bain

Dugal relishes opportunities to help companies execute on their strategies more quickly by creating and sustaining senior executive alignment, cultural cohesion and high-performance cross-functional collaboration. Before joining Trium, Dugal worked across three continents with the bulk of his experience gained as a product strategist for BlackRock’s European investment team based in London. He also led successful independent strategy consulting engagements for clients across the consumer goods, hospitality, non-profit and arts sectors.  Dugal holds an MBA from the University of Cambridge, England, a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Finance from the University of Queensland, Australia and a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Political Science and American History, also from the University of Queensland.

Israel Rosales

For 23 years, Israel has worked with individuals and organizations to cultivate the skills necessary to adapt and thrive. He co-designs mindfulness programs primarily in tech startups, integrating practical mindfulness skills and cognitive strategies to optimize performance, collaboration, and purpose. He works with executives, guided by neuroscience, to pursue leadership skills necessary to respond flexibly to ever-shifting challenges. His organizational consulting focuses on strategic changes necessary to carry out mission in a responsive and ethical manner. Israel holds a Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of Colorado, Boulder, and a B.A. in Psychology from Yale University. He enjoys mountain biking, swimming, tennis, and time with family.

Jennifer Choi

Jennifer is passionate about creating an environment that inspires the team to do its best work for clients. In her role as Office Coordinator, she manages our business operations and facilities, in addition to putting on the occasional firm happy hour. Prior to joining Trium, she worked as a Medical Equipment Coordinator at Muir Orthopaedic Specialists. She is a certified athletic trainer and graduated from San Diego State University with a Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology.  

Jill Baker

Jill is particularly skilled at seeing and naming the dynamics, behaviors and cultural norms at play in ecosystems, and blends her business acumen and “soft skills” to effect lasting change within teams and organizations. She worked with Trium early in her professional career and rejoined the firm in 2011 after working with Landor Associates on brand strategy and engagement and Atalanta Partners on strategy execution and communication. Jill holds an MBA from the University of California, Davis and an MA in Counseling and Personnel Services from the University of Maryland. As an undergraduate, she studied German and International Business at the University of Iowa.

Jon Slavet

Jon is a consumer executive and advisor and leverages his operating experience to deliver strategic counsel to the leaders of growth companies. As both a successful start-up and F-500 leader, Jon brings a unique mix of experiences to helping organizations achieve their fullest potential. Jon was the Chief Operating Officer at Rodan + Fields, the leading direct-to-consumer marketer of skincare, and prior to this led the worldwide eCommerce and EA SPORTS Active businesses at Electronic Arts. Earlier in his career, Jon Founded, the online talent marketplace, which was ultimately acquired by Kronos (Nasdaq: KRON). Jon holds a BA from Dartmouth College and is a dedicated father of three.

Jonas Leddington

Jonas is dedicated to helping organizations achieve extraordinary, sustainable outcomes by creating conditions for genuine human flourishing and excellence. Prior to joining Trium, Jonas served as Executive-in-Residence with Year Up, an innovative national non-profit that empowers low-income young adults to move from poverty to professional careers in a single year, and as Chief Strategy Officer in a $300 million education business. Earlier, he served as Director and member of the Investment Committee at a San Francisco private equity firm and Partner in a boutique private equity advisory business. He started his career providing high-stakes communications counsel to public company CEOs. Jonas has a BA from the University of Chicago and an MA from the University of California, Irvine.

Jonathan Rosenfeld

As a change strategist, Jonathan works with leadership teams and CEOs to develop cultures which maximize engagement, creativity and performance. Jonathan is a respected thought-leader in the field of organizational change, drawing on deep expertise in neuroscience, mindfulness technology and leadership. He began his career teaching Clinical Psychology and Therapy and has since consulted to non-profit and government agencies serving high-risk, hard-to-treat populations. He is currently retained as an executive coach, serving leaders across the technology, social media, entertainment and aerospace industries. Jonathan received his BA in Psychology from Swarthmore College and his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the San Francisco School of Psychology. Beyond his passion for his family, Jonathan spends time as a whitewater rafting guide for non-profits working on river restoration and providing inner-city children the opportunity to experience the wilderness.

See more from Jonathan.

Kent Harrel

Kent is a seasoned project management specialist who helps leaders focus on mindsets and the impact they can have on team dynamics and organizational results. He works with leadership teams to define their aspirations and goals, and helps them create shared understanding and meaning throughout the organization. Kent has supported clients in the utility, technology, food packaging and entertainment sectors to gain alignment in executing transformational strategies. Before joining Trium, he worked for an international development consulting firm in Washington, D.C. Kent attended the American University in Washington, D.C., where he earned a B.A. in International Studies.

Kim Trajano

Kim delivers exceptional results to her client teams and finds it is not just the work that she does but the people she works with that drive her. Kim first joined Trium as part of our Operations Team where she gained a deeper appreciation for how the foundational, and often behind the scenes, aspects of a business can drive holistic success. She began her career in Operations as Operations Manager for a high-end boutique salon and day spa where she learned how to build a business from the ground up. She holds a BA in Psychology from San Diego State University.  

Mary Massey

Mary helps leaders and organizations gain insight and overcome obstacles to realize their potential. With over 20 years in the professional services game, she has extensive experience with projects ranging from large-scale go-to-market transformations to senior executive development, managing client relationships in the US and overseas. Mary has partnered with senior executives in globally renowned companies and has an extensive background in financial services. Before joining Trium in 2004, she got her start at Goldman Sachs and ABN Amro Bank. She has an MBA from UCLA and a BS in Business Administration from Miami University.

Maureen Gevertz

Maureen’s passion is helping to make change and transition easy for individuals and organizations while they are pursuing their goals, business strategies and desired future state. She is an expert in large-scale change efforts with extensive experience in integration strategy, organizational and cultural change planning, and strategic communication. Previously, Maureen spent 15 years working internally as an HR professional and 10 years as an external consultant with companies such as Gap Inc., Openwave Systems, Blue Shield of California, Kaiser and Maureen published "Change Navigation Made Easy" in 2009 and she holds a B.A. in Business Administration from Notre Dame de Namur and an M.A. in Transformative Leadership from the California Institute of Integral Studies.

Monica Chi

Over the past fifteen years, Monica has worked with teams to solve complex problems, strengthen their ability to engage in strategic dialogues, and realize their ambitions. Prior to joining Trium, Monica worked with the senior executive team at the Federal Bureau of Investigation post-9/11 on an array of organizational transformation, human capital and leadership development issues.  Previously, she was also with Accenture in their Change Management practice. Monica earned a BA with honors in Human Biology from Stanford University, studied at Oxford University and holds an MBA from Harvard Business School.

See more from Monica.

Penny Chew

Before joining Trium in 2006, Penny worked as a Controller and Operations Manager for over 10 years in consulting firms. As a mainstay of all Trium operations, she manages the full range of finance and human resources functions. Her role extends to coordinating efforts on our recruiting, facilities management, payroll, employee benefits, and technology teams. Penny holds a B.A. in Accounting and Computer Information Systems, and an MBA from San Francisco State University.

Rich Fernandez

For more than two decades, Rich has used his training in leadership development, organizational culture and positive psychology to help Fortune 100 leaders and organizations navigate change with mindfulness, resilience and emotional intelligence. He is a co-founder of Wisdom Labs, a learning and development consultancy, and a Master Teacher of the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute’s “Mindfulness-Based Emotional Intelligence” course. Prior to founding Wisdom Labs, Rich held learning and leadership development roles at Google, eBay, Bank of America and JP Morgan Chase. Rich completed his graduate work at Columbia University, where he earned a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology and an M.A. in Organizational Psychology. He also holds a BA in Literature from the University of California at San Diego.

Sarah Lugaric

With a diverse background including finance, organizational transformation, corporate strategy, and sustainability, Sarah has a unique ability to find points of alignment and build consensus in even the most challenging situations. Previously, Sarah managed over 40 national and global relationships for J.P. Morgan’s Institutional and Private Asset Management practice. She earned her BA from Dartmouth College, studied at Oxford University and the University of Queretaro, Mexico, and has completed leadership courses at Colorado Outward Bound School and NOLS.

Stephanie O'Brien

A natural people person, Stephanie is fascinated by human behavior and the dynamics of change. Experience has taught her that collaboration by people with varied worldviews and open minds always produces the strongest results. Prior to joining Trium, Stephanie worked with Fortune 100 executives as a strategy and culture consultant at Embarcadero Partners, founded a healthy life skills program for girls (Girls on the Run of New Orleans), and served as an AmeriCorps Volunteer. Stephanie holds a BA in Sociology from Wesleyan University and an MBA from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth. She is a runner, yoga teacher and plant lover.

Stewart Emery

Stewart is a proven entrepreneur, coach, leader, best-selling author and co-founder of the Human Potential Movement. He served as the first COO of EST, has led workshops and seminars in dozens of countries, and conducted coaching interviews with more than 10,000 people. Stewart holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Sydney, where he studied a combination of economics, philosophy and psychology.

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