Why Join Trium

The Trium Group is a unique community of practitioners and operators that are changing the way business is done in the world. We designed Trium’s business and culture to support these 5 somewhat divergent goals:

  • Work at an organization that is purpose and mission driven. Wake up everyday doing work that makes a difference, for real.

  • Collaborate with people who help you be your best. Work in a community of high quality, thoughtful, intelligent, and committed colleagues

  • Always be learning. Choose a path that requires constant growth and evolution.

  • Earn a good living. Have an economic foundation that allows for a high quality of life.

  • Live a good life. Have enough time outside of work to live that high quality life you’ve earned.


Consulting at Trium

Being a consultant at Trium means working directly with some of the most influential leaders and companies on the planet to create fundamental change. Trium consultants are in the room shaping, supporting, and leading critical dialogues on a day to day basis across multiple clients. You will craft expert experiences for your clients to make tectonic shifts that challenge the way they view their work, the world, and their mission. We designed a career in consulting to be everything you like about consulting, without the parts you don’t like.

Trium Operations

Our operations team plays a uniquely creative role in enabling our client teams and the organization at-large in both day-to-day operations, but also in continuous innovation. As a highly client-centric firm, the line between back-office support and front-of-client work is obscured. Our operations team  interacts with clients, manages technology, coordinates logistics, and leads internal firm initiatives. It is a highly dynamic experience that will challenge you to work outside of traditional bounds.

Open Positions

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