Ali Aydar

For more than a decade, Ali has advised and coached senior executives at a wide range of businesses to help them solve their most complex business challenges and maximize their leadership impact. As the first non-founding member of Napster, he engineered the groundbreaking server software critical to its explosive growth and led the development of its next-generation authorized file-sharing platform. As the current CEO of Sporcle, Ali understands first-hand the complex challenges that today’s business leaders face. These experiences, combined with an extensive technical background and in-depth coach training, enable him to create a unique and deeply impactful experience for his clients. Ali has a MBA from UC Berkeley Haas and a B.S in Computer Science and Mathematics from Carnegie Mellon University.

Andrew Blum

As CEO and Managing Partner of Trium, Andrew is a globally recognized thought leader and management consulting pioneer working at the intersection of strategy, leadership and culture. His mission is to change the world by changing the way business leaders think. With over 20 years of global consulting experience, Andrew has led breakthrough engagements at many of the world’s leading organizations. Prior to founding Trium, Andrew was a leader in Towers Perrin’s Strategy and Organization Practice. He also served as a 1st lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps. Andrew holds an MBA from Georgetown University and a BA in philosophy from Reed College. He is a dedicated family man, Ironman triathlete and actively supports a variety of causes aimed at raising consciousness on the planet.

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Annette Templeton

For more than 20 years, Annette has helped individuals and organizations optimize performance through a transformative, strengths-based approach. She is an expert in developing effective cross-cultural business teams and implementing large-scale transformation programs across various industries. Annette helps leaders refine and execute with clear purpose so that they may reach significant growth goals. Prior to joining Trium, Annette held leadership positions in two human capital management consulting firms. Her longest tenure was at Gallup Inc. where she provided vision and insight to drive client impact strategy across 20 countries. Annette holds a PhD from the International School of Management in Paris, a BS in Mathematics and an MA in Applied Social Research.

Beena Sharma

Beena brings nearly three decades of international experience in coaching senior leaders and transforming teams and organizations. She has deep expertise in helping organizations solve their most complex strategic problems by applying innovative thinking and designing developmentally sophisticated systems. She supports and challenges leaders through offering a set of integrated technologies that support greater effectiveness in addressing the complexity they encounter every day, while becoming more powerfully self-aware of their own mindsets and potential. Beena is an award-winning change consultant whose project was the recipient of the 2008 Under-Secretary of Defense Silver Award for excellence in Learning and Development. Her passions include adult development, admiring fruit trees, spirituality, whole system change and dreaming up new chutney recipes.

Bobbie LaPorte

As a thought-leader on navigating challenges of all kinds and a multiple-Ironman triathlon competitor, Bobbie applies the sciences of positive psychology, neuroscience and behavioral fitness to help executives excel in their careers. With over 25 years of corporate leadership experience, and over 15 years coaching leaders in Fortune 50 companies and startups, she brings a pragmatic approach to working with executives to help them navigate change and uncertainty, increase their impact and build capacity in their teams. Before launching her consulting and executive coaching career, Bobbie served in CEO, COO and CMO roles in several Fortune 50 companies. She has a BA in Political Science from the University of Massachusetts and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Catherine Ambrozewicz

Catherine is an executive coach with extensive global corporate experience. She is dedicated to helping clients grow their impact as leaders, elevating both team performance and personal fulfillment. A blend of coach, teacher, and strategist, Catherine approaches clients with empathy, a passionate belief in their full potential, and a good dose of humor. Her broad business background includes management consulting at Bain & Company, e-commerce strategy at Tesco, and head of operations for a health startup. She received an MBA from INSEAD with distinction, and a BS in Mathematics from McGill University. Catherine lives in the Bay Area with her husband and seven-year-old twins.

Catherine Gray

Catherine has worked for more than 20 years assisting global business leaders with organizational and leadership transformations.   She specializes in aligning teams behind compelling visions and strategies, developing cutting-edge culture and development programs, and serving as an executive coach to CEO’s and senior business leaders.  Before joining as a Partner at Trium, Catherine worked in the field of communications with the Wall Street Journal and helped launch the first private media network in the former Soviet Union. Catherine has a particular interest in purpose-driven businesses and corporate social responsibility and for eight years she served as President of the Natural Step, a sustainability think tank and advisory services organization. Catherine holds a BA in journalism from Brown University, is a graduate of New Ventures West coaching program, and has participated in numerous leadership programs including the Integrative Enneagram, StrengthsFinder, The Leadership Circle, Jungian studies with Dr. Clarissa Estes, the 9 day school with Byron Katie, and Angeles Arrien’s Four Fold Way.

Christopher Davis

Christopher Davis has almost three decades’ experience improving how organizations, teams, and individuals work. He is one of the original developers of Commitment-based Management, one of the major management innovations of the past thirty years. Chris is an accomplished executive coach and trainer, having led programs teaching management and leadership skills to over 10,000 participants across multiple industries and countries. Chris has a BA in philosophy from Pomona College and an MA in the philosophy of language from International College, under the tutelage of Dr. Fernando Flores. Chris is also a serious student of Eastern philosophy. He is the founder and managing director of The Stratam Group, a strategic partner of Trium’s.

Danielle Conroy

Danielle is a specialist in transformational leadership, coaching and organizational change. With over 25 years working in a large multi-national company, and experience running her own consulting businesses, Danielle understands the complexity, challenges and rewards of working in organizations of all sizes and stages of growth. Her clients value her creativity, integral thinking, emotional intelligence, focus on results and partnership approach. With a deep commitment to meditation and her own personal development, she guides and supports leaders to unlock and accelerate powerful mental, emotional and relational capacities that support them in navigating the complexity of today’s world and have greater impact in their organizations. Danielle has a graduate degree in Business & Leadership from Curtin University in Australia.

Darren Gold

As a former CEO and long-time board member, Darren brings deep personal leadership experience and years of advising and mentoring senior leaders to his work with organizations. Darren’s approach to leadership is premised on the importance of personal mastery and deep self-awareness. He believes that senior leaders have the power to create a new context for themselves and others that can unlock extraordinary performance. Darren shares thought leadership in this area in his new self-mastery book, Master Your Code: The Art, Wisdom, and Science of Leading an Extraordinary Life, which was published in the Fall of 2019. Prior to joining Trium, Darren was the CEO of two education companies, Heald College and Delta Career Education, and a Partner in two San Francisco-based private equity firms, Gryphon Investors and Genstar Capital. Earlier in his career, Darren worked as an engagement manager at McKinsey & Co. and an attorney at Irell & Manella. He has a BA from UCLA and a JD from the University of Michigan.


David Grant

David takes a “whole person” approach to help his clients define and achieve success; he focuses on helping them thrive in all aspects of their busy careers and personal lives. For more than 20 years, David has led and advised Fortune 500 companies on how to achieve sustainable growth. Most recently, as Global VP of Korn Ferry’s Leadership and Talent Consultancy, he advised multinational firms on talent strategy and leadership development. His broad business background and operating experience provide him with a unique perspective and insights that allow him to build credibility, comfort and trust with seasoned executives. David holds an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management, and a BS in Leadership from the University of Maine.

Debra Valle

As a Master Certified Coach, Debra is engaged by executives and businesses when team or individual performance requires a tune-up, turn-around, or new focus. Known for balancing straight talk with heart and humor, she partners with clients to identify strengths, recognize opportunities, and increase effectiveness within complex environments. By forming deep connections with clients, she is able to leverage their gifts more fully. Prior to Trium, Debra worked as a VP of Direct Marketing at McCann Direct for Nestle, Mazda, and Chrysler Corporation focused on branding, and strategy development. She earned a BA in psychology and philosophy from Albion College, and helped found the ICF in Orange County. Happily married, she is an avid traveler and storyteller.

Dina Silver

Dina loves exploding the atom of human potential, and relishes helping her clients recognize the scope of their capacity. For nearly 20 years with smarts, compassion, humor and rigor, she has invited leaders to usher in to the workplace a mindful blend of head and heart, enabling them to engage deeply with themselves and their teams to deliver smart strategy, high functioning teams and strong bottom lines. Dina is certified as a Master Coach, holds a BA in US History from Princeton University and a Masters in Spiritual Psychology from USM. She is an avid hiker and recharges in the mountains near her home in Santa Monica.

Israel Rosales

For 23 years, Israel has worked with individuals and organizations to cultivate the skills necessary to adapt and thrive. He co-designs mindfulness programs primarily in tech startups, integrating practical mindfulness skills and cognitive strategies to optimize performance, collaboration, and purpose. He works with executives, guided by neuroscience, to pursue leadership skills necessary to respond flexibly to ever-shifting challenges. His organizational consulting focuses on strategic changes necessary to carry out mission in a responsive and ethical manner. Israel holds a PhD in Psychology from the University of Colorado, Boulder, and a BA in Psychology from Yale University. He enjoys mountain biking, swimming, tennis, and time with family.

Jacquie Duncan

Jacquie has over twenty years’ experience driving strategic, profitable growth in globally competitive markets. She specializes in helping teams more skillfully communicate to build trust and coordinate action, while engaging in deeper development work to open new possibilities. In a series of roles across strategy, operations, sales, and marketing, Jacquie has advised Fortune 500 leadership teams to start-up CEOs across a variety of industries. Jacquie holds a B.S. from Cornell and an M.B.A. from Kellogg/Northwestern. She is a graduate of New Ventures West and Byron Katie’s School for the Work, and is trained in Non-Violent Communication, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Search Inside Yourself, Leadership Embodiment, Coaching Circles, and the Enneagram/iEQ9. Jacquie is an avid traveler and a former ballet dancer who is passionate about wellness, yoga and mindfulness.

Jim Rosen

Jim is a Master Coach who is passionate about helping senior executives evolve their leadership and become extraordinary performers while enabling them to make meaningful changes in their lives and work environments.  He has more than 30 years’ experience working in both the technology and contemplative worlds. As an MIT graduate and a technology executive who co-founded two successful technology firms, Jim has extensive hands-on experience building complex fast-growing companies. He has also practiced, studied, and taught mindfulness and meditation for more than 30 years. His approach to leadership development incorporates both developing awareness as well as the mindsets and skills that matter most. Jim received both his BA and MA from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Jonathan Rosenfeld

As a change strategist, Jonathan works with leadership teams and CEOs to develop cultures which maximize engagement, creativity and performance. Jonathan is a respected thought-leader in the field of organizational change, drawing on deep expertise in neuroscience, mindfulness technology and leadership. He began his career teaching Clinical Psychology and Therapy and has since consulted to non-profit and government agencies serving high-risk, hard-to-treat populations. As an executive coach, he serves leaders across the technology, social media, entertainment and aerospace industries. Jonathan received his BA in Psychology from Swarthmore College and his PhD in Clinical Psychology from the San Francisco School of Psychology. Beyond his passion for his family, Jonathan spends time as a whitewater rafting guide for non-profits working on river restoration and providing inner-city children the opportunity to experience the wilderness.

Katherine Hosie

Over the past thirteen years, Katherine (Kate) has been coaching full-time, accumulating over 10,000 hours of direct coaching experience. She has discovered over time that the more her clients understand and accept themselves, others, and their situation, the easier it is for them to then adapt and flourish. In essence, self-judgment keeps us stuck, whilst awareness and acceptance invite change. Kate earned her MS in Coaching Psychology from the University of Sydney, which specializes in evidence-based coaching, that is, what has been repeatedly proven to be effective. She was President of the International Coach Federation, Australasia, in 2012, leading over 1,300 coaches. She has lived around the world and loves the Bay Area best.

Luther Kitahata

As a seasoned C-level executive and high-tech entrepreneur, Luther has built companies from the ground up and led substantial organizations around the world. Luther draws on his deep understanding of the human condition and behavioral drivers as well as his own corporate leadership experience to provide individuals and organizations with a transformative and pragmatic approach to their most complex challenges. A passion for neuroscience, psychology, meditation, and consciousness has fueled his studies in the personal development arena throughout his life, earning him multiple professional coaching certifications. Luther is highlighted as a “Silicon Valley Obi-Wan Kenobi” in the bestselling book, Wisdom @ Work. He holds BA and MS degrees in Computer Science from Brown University. He lives in the Bay Area with his wife, children, chickens, and dog.

Mark Teitell

Mark is a consultant, leadership development adviser and executive coach who’s walked in his clients’ footsteps. Over the past 25 years, he was CEO of UltraViolet (a joint venture among Hollywood studios, tech leaders and retailers); advised C-level leaders of tech, telecoms and media companies (as a McKinsey consultant and Oliver Wyman partner); and rose through marketing and business development in large corporations and VC-backed start-ups. He helps senior leaders get clear and aligned on strategy and then powerfully translate that into how they transform and run their business. And, he helps them cultivate personal clarity of purpose and self-mastery to be the best leaders they can be. Mark has a BA from Brown University and an MBA from Northwestern’s Kellogg School.

Michael Bader

Michael is a clinical psychologist and executive coach who has been practicing psychotherapy and advising leaders for 40 years. He’s compelled by the belief that leaders are often derailed in the pursuit of their goals by limiting beliefs that can be overcome through increased self-awareness and thoughtful experimentation with new behaviors. He co-founded the Institute4Change, an interdisciplinary team of change experts who consult leaders of progressive organizations around issues of strategy and organizational change. He also founded a nationwide coaching program for progressive political leaders. Michael has written four books and has published over 50 articles about the interactions between psychology, culture, and politics. He received his Doctorate of Mental Health from UCSF, and an MS and AB from UC Berkeley.

Mina Muraki

Mina advises leaders on managing change, with an eye towards making it stick in their corporate culture. Her expertise moves freely from strategy to organizational change to leadership communication. Mina’s 20+ years of experience domestically and internationally lends itself to a broad context and perspective. She began her career with McKinsey & Company, headed up Strategy, Marketing, and Product at a London-based start-up, and was SVP of EMI Music in Asia. Most recently, she was part of the leadership team at Embarcadero Partners, a San Francisco-based consulting firm that works at the intersection of strategy, leadership, culture, and design. Mina holds an AB from Princeton University and an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Miriam Reiss

For the past twenty years, Miriam has been a full-time business and career coach, serving clients from C-suite executives to small businesses, in industries including technology, engineering, finance and entertainment. Prior to this, Miriam served as a corporate marketing director and advertising copy chief. At Trium, Miriam’s psychology training and neuroscience-backed coaching approach helps leaders discover their fullest potential by transforming limiting beliefs and behaviors into successful business outcomes. Miriam is certified as a Master Coach, the International Coach Federation’s highest credential. She holds a Masters degree and Soul-Centered Professional Coach Certification from the University of Santa Monica, and a Doctorate from Peace Theological Seminary. Miriam also holds academic degrees from Cornell and Columbia Universities. She enjoys jazz and standup comedy.

Monica Chi

Over the past two decades, Monica has partnered with teams in the throes of business transformation to solve complex problems and lead effectively. Known for being insightful about organizational systems, Monica’s craft includes deep listening and working with leaders to catalyze new thinking and behaviors.  Post 9/11, Monica joined the Federal Bureau of Investigation as Special Assistant to the Director, responsible for designing and leading a diverse array of org transformation, strategy and leadership development initiatives. She began her career at Accenture focused on merger integration, org design, and experiential learning and development. Monica earned a BA with honors in Human Biology from Stanford University, studied at Oxford University and holds an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Paul O’Donovan Rossa

Paul is an accredited Master Coach with a mission of transforming the world through the development of human capability and contribution. With 25 years of global coaching practice, he works with senior leaders and talent in the world’s leading professional services firms, Fortune 500 companies and NGOs. He holds an MProf in Executive Coaching from Middlesex University UK, and is a Master Certified Coach (ICF) and Board Certified Coach (CCE). Paul works to help others deeply experience their lives as constructive and free – and is a devoted family man, the USA’s World Cup table soccer captain, loves Nature in all ways, and has been involved in development groups working for human transformation through meditation, consciousness and Vision Quest for forty years.

Philippa Kennealy

Philippa is an ICF-certified coach with zest for leadership excellence. This interest arose during her years as a UCLA-Santa Monica Medical Center hospital administrator, experiencing firsthand the impact of conscious leadership. Philippa has coached senior executives, professionals, and entrepreneur/business owners, and appreciates the commitment to personal growth and learning that inspires her clients to strive, to adapt, and to embrace change. South African-born and a US citizen, Philippa obtained her MD in Johannesburg. After residency, she joined a Santa Monica Family Medicine group. She earned her MPH at UCLA, and her coaching certification through the Coaches Training Institute. She thrives on family and friendships, and revels in the African bush, staying fit, and great movies.

Susan Smalley

For nearly three decades, Susan has worked with leaders and teams from Fortune 100 companies to startups to build more effective communication, transform culture, and elevate their impact. Her mix of optimism, straight talk and humor allow her to quickly connect and build trust with her clients. Earlier in her career, Susan spent many years at The Walt Disney Studios where she led Executive and Top Talent Development Strategy including developing the Studio’s coaching practice and Executive Mentor Program. Susan has her ICF coaching credential, has served on the Board of ICFLA, and supports the LA community through her involvement in various nonprofits. She earned her BA from the University of Alabama and her MBA from Georgia State University.

Tom Drucker

Tom integrates the Principles of Positive Psychology, advances in Neuroscience and Mindfulness with the methods of process improvement, change management and environmental sustainability to craft transformational Leadership Development Programs that drive business growth. Drawing on his experience working with companies of all sizes and industries, Tom delivers client solutions that are tailored to the personalities of the leaders, their corporate culture and the specific challenges and opportunities they are facing. Tom holds an MBA from the Anderson School of Management, and an MA in Clinical Psychology from UCLA, where he was mentored by Viktor Frankl and Abraham Maslow. He and his wife Marcia currently reside in Marina del Rey with their dog Roxie.

Uli Mueller

Uli is a Master Coach with more than 20 years’ experience coaching and advising senior executives across a wide variety of industries. She inspires her clients to take charge of their lives and thoughtfully align their mindset and behaviors with the impact they want to have on their team and organization. She incorporates insights from neuroscience, narrative and systems coaching to help leaders navigate complex challenges and maximize their leadership potential. Prior to joining Trium, Uli was the Head of Delivery for Saxon-Hamilton. She holds a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology and a Certificate of Organizational Leadership from John F. Kennedy University.  Her undergraduate degrees in Business Administration and German Literature are from the Université de Grenoble, France.